How to modernise your fireplace for spring

As spring is slowly approaching, you may be brainstorming ways to renovate or modernise your home, and your fireplace may be next on the list! If your fireplace is looking slightly outdated and you think it’s time for a shake-up, there are several ways you could update this feature so that it fits into your home’s contemporary elements and represents your style. Follow our advice on how you can do this to benefit your property.

Redecorate your surround

Your fireplace surround is its main decorative element, meaning that any change to the surround will make a large design impact. You could think about redecorating this part of your fireplace for spring. You could do this by re-tiling over your existing surround, using tiles that are more modern and reflect your home’s colour scheme. Alternatively, you could invest in a wooden surround, which is timeless and can fit in with many styles. Installing a wooden beam would be minimal work and would have maximum style payoff!

Update your fireplace’s accessories

An easy way to enhance the appearance of your fireplace is simply to update your accessories. Your fireplace’s accessories consist of your fire guard, the grate, the ash buckets, baskets, and tools such as the poker. Upgrading these accessories to more modern options or ones with a different finish will create a renewed style for your room with relatively low cost and labour.

Paint your fireplace

One of the ways to entirely transform your fireplace whilst avoiding replacing it is to paint it. This can have a massive impact on your room and the atmosphere your fireplace creates. If your surround is wooden, all you have to do is sand off the existing finish, carefully paint a couple of coats of your new colour and refinish it. It is also possible to paint over tiles with the right materials and preparation, renovating your fireplace to a brand-new feature for your home.

Repurpose your fireplace for spring

With the rising temperatures in spring, it’s unlikely that you will be using your fireplace as much. Therefore, you could think about repurposing it for the spring and summer seasons. This creates a different interior look for your room without any actual renovations. You could fill your fireplace with books or games, creating makeshift shelves, or fill it with candles so that you can still benefit from flickering fire without as much heat payoff.

Replace and upgrade your fireplace

The ultimate way to modernise your fireplace, is to invest in a new one. If your fireplace has been a feature of your home for many years, it may be that it is due for a replacement at this point anyway! If you’re looking to maintain a traditional style and prefer the addition of real fire, a brand-new wood burning stove will be a beautiful feature within your home. Gas and electric fireplaces also give the heat and illusion of real fire with so many benefits to your home. This includes adding a contemporary style if that’s what you’re opting for.

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