Electric fireplaces: Why they thrive in summer months

With the coming of the summer months looms the warmer weather (hopefully!). Summer is a time for basking in the sunlight with friends and, a lot of the time, sitting around the fire. While swapping stories over the dancing flames holds some magic, the heat from the fire is often unnecessary, and unwanted! That’s where electric fireplaces come in… Whether in your living room or your kitchen-diner, a modern electric fireplace can be fitted anywhere in your home.

Why are electric fires ideal for summer?

One of the most brilliant things about electric fireplaces is that they essentially have a dual use.

Flame effect

The flame effect provides the image of real flames, a flickering illusion using lights and shadows to give the perception of a real fire. This provides the opportunity to create ambience in a social setting easily!

Tailored heat output

There is the option to accompany the flames with heat output, powered by electricity without the need for fumes or burning any materials. This gives the option to use the heat element on a chilly evening. The amount of heat is also up to the user –the remote control allows you to elect for a weaker heat or a strong output, giving you more control than a wood burning fireplace.

The great part of an electric fireplace, though, is that the flames are separate to the heat output, meaning you can revel in the beauty of the image of flames without the extra heat. Summer may not call for a roaring hot fire, so this option offers you the best of both worlds.

What are the electric fireplace pros?

There are so many benefits to having an electric fireplace within your home, and they really come into their own in summer. As well as this though, they are versatile and are able to be used all year round for these reasons…

No vents required

An electric fireplace can go on any wall you have on your home providing there is an electric outlet for it, and this includes your outside walls! This differs to gas fireplaces which need access to a mains gas supply. This gives you ample choice about where you would like your fireplace.

Environmentally friendly

Due to only needing an electrical supply, you can enjoy a fire without the necessity of burning materials such as harmful woods or fuels. This will produce fewer fumes and less CO2, decreasing the emissions and pollutants that our summer air suffers from.

Cost effective

Electric fireplaces are cost effective; they don’t require the purchase of any extra fuels and the cost will be tied in with your electricity bills. You can also choose how strong your heat output is, giving you control over how much energy you are using and increasing your energy efficiency.

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