A traditional or modern fireplace: Which is for you?

Are you planning to install a new fireplace in your home in 2023? If this sounds like a plan you’ve been mulling over, and you’re wondering which style of fireplace to go for, we can help you. The quandary of whether to install a traditional or modern fireplace in your home is something that many people struggle with! There are benefits to both styles, and each can have a different impact on your home’s décor. We can help you decide on whether a traditional or modern fireplace will complement your home’s style the best.

Is a traditional fireplace for you?

There are some factors to take into consideration if you’re considering a traditional style fireplace in your home.

  • A traditional style fireplace is the one for you if the rest of your home leans into an older decorative style. If the rest of your furniture is classical, and you install a modern electric fireplace, it might not fit with the rest of the room.
  • Your classical décor could include moulding, dark woods, wainscoting and more. A wood burning stove often fits in well with a traditional or rustic style.
  • If you prefer a real fire to the optical illusion of one, then you will most likely want to go for a traditional style wood burning stove. This allows you to burn logs for a classic look and cosy aesthetic.
  • If you like a traditional style fireplace, but you don’t want to burn any materials in your home, then a gas or electric fireplace can be installed in your home in a traditional style. This gives it the illusion that the fireplace is older and classic but has modern functionality.

Is a modern fireplace for you?

If a traditional fireplace style doesn’t sound like it would fit in with your existing décor, you could find yourself opting for a modern fireplace. This could be good for you if:

  • The décor and your home are more modern, perhaps a new build, or with sleek and contemporary appliances and amenities. If this is the case, a traditional wood burning stove could be out of place.
  • Your home has unlimited options in where you put your fireplace, such as if you have the electrical outlet to put it wherever you would like. This allows you to install a gas or electric fireplace in the modern style throughout your home, without the limitations of a chimney.
  • There are restrictions on the fuels you are allowed to burn in your area. This will prevent you from installing a wood burning stove, and so a gas or electric one will be the options available. These often lend themselves to a modern aesthetic, but they are available in traditional styles.

All the options of a wood burning stove, a gas fireplace and an electric fireplace have their individual benefits, and are bound to add style to your home. There are options you can explore that combine the aesthetics of modernity and traditional style, helping you marry the two designs together and complement your home. This could consist of a glass front and a wooden surround, incorporating a combination of both style’s features.

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