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Creative ideas to cover your fireplace opening

Are you looking for ways to revamp your fireplace for 2022? A new year calls for a new style! Whether you have a functioning fire or an out-of-use fireplace, there’s always an opportunity for a design refresh. We’re here to give you some tips on how to make the most of your fireplace. Although the mantelpiece is the obvious place to decorate, the hearth can also be a good opportunity.

If you want to channel some creativity into your home and change up your style, follow one of these decorating ideas to makeover your fireplace space…

If you have an empty fireplace…

  • Re-tile –Re-tiling your fireplace could be a great way to add some creative flare into your home! With endless colours and patterns available with tiles, your lacklustre fireplace could become the focal point of your home. Bringing the tiles into the inside of your unused fireplace will give it more interest and originality!
  • Books and art – If your fireplace is empty, this means it’s just wasted space. To make the most of the room available, why not use it to store your books and magazines? This can look artistic and organic while providing storage at the same time. Alternatively, you could install a shelf in the middle of the fireplace, and display some family photos or your favourite art.
  • Candles – If you’d always wanted a functioning fire but it’s not on the cards just yet, placing candles or string lights inside your fireplace could be just as good! Candles of different heights will make your living room look twinkly and cosy, and string lights inside of glass jars could give you the same effect.You don’t have to suffer through 2022 without glowy light…
  • Install a fire! – Many people have always wanted a functioning fireplace in their homes. It’s a classic feature, and as well as being aesthetically pleasing it also serves a purpose in the wintertime. A fireplace could save you money in energy bills, as well as providing you with that cosy warmth. They can be installed in any style – contemporary or period!

If you have a fire already…

  • Fire guards – If your fire is functioning, whether it’s a wood burner, electric, or gas, a fire guard is both a safety feature and a design statement. They can even be used without an operational fire – it makes it look stylish! A fire guard is especially important if your fireplace is situated where children or pets could be burned – this will protect them.
  • DIY fire guard #1 –A fire guard could make a great DIY project, and here’s a great way to do it: Find an empty picture frame that will cover your fireplace (an ornate style frame could work!), find a wooden board the same size. Cover the board with fire resistant material and foam underneath, and attach it to the frame. An easy DIY fire guard!
  • DIY fire guard #2 –A simple way to create an industrial-style guard is to make a wooden structure in the shape of your fireplace. Scrap wood such as pallet wood, can save costs. Source a sheet of decorative perforated metal (metal with holes in it). Attach the sheet of metal to the wood with strong glue or screws. This framed metal is a useful DIY.

If, ultimately, you’ve decided that your fireplace would look its best with a brand-new fire within it (wood burning, electric or gas), Fiveways Fires & Stoves is the company to turn to. We also have a range of fire guards in store for you that can decorate your fireplace perfectly. If you’d like to discuss what fire would be best for you and get started, call us on 0208 127 4747 or email .