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Choosing the right fireplace for your home

With the miserable winter weather fast approaching, the desire for a cosy home is ever increasing. After your crowded commute, soggy walk home or long day on your feet, what better way to relax then to fall back onto your sofa in a home warmed by authentic, crackling flames from your very own wood burner. We are aware that this go-to fireplace is not practical, nor possible, for every property type, but this no longer means that you can’t benefit from this same feel of aspired winter warming! Take a look at our top five pointers to discover the way to your ideal fireplace.

Types of fireplaces

Firstly, you should ensure that you are aware and well-educated on the various fireplaces which are available to you. Many homeowners are unaware of the fact that your home does not need a flue or gas supply to allow room for a fireplace. From wood burners and stoves to gas and electric fires, there are many opportunities to suit a variety of home types, each with their own advantages, from installation to practicality.


Having educated yourself upon the fireplace forms available to you, now would be a great time to think about the ideal purpose of yours. Many have one installed for that unparalleled cosy feel at winter, accompanied with crackling logs and authentic heat, whereas others have one fitted to compliment their interior and add a focal point, or sometimes even additional value, to their home.


A strong factor to consider at this point is safety. For any member of the household, home is a place to remain safe. Installing an element of fire can weaken the level of security, especially if your household occupies animals or small and vulnerable children. This, however, is not the fact when it comes to electric of gas fires. With replicated flames, the aspect of danger is lessened, and safety precautions won’t need to be as prominent. Please always ensure that your fire of any kind is installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer to ensure outstanding safety levels at all times.


Although it may not be at the top of your list of priorities when it comes to choosing the most practical fireplace for your home, it does still possess the right to be high up on the list! Your fireplace is likely to become a main focal point within your chosen room, so it is only right to ensure that it looks the part that you have imagined. With a multitude of accessories, from surrounds to baskets, you can personalise yours to fit with the tone of your home whilst also remaining safe.

Seek advice from a professional

Whether you feel set on the perfect fireplace for your property, or if you still have a few doubts, it is advised to always seek guidance from a Gas Safe registered professional. They will be able to provide you with honest and reliable advice tailored specifically to your property size, room and home occupants. Fire safety must always be taken seriously, from the installation and throughout.

If you would like any additional information on any of the fireplaces we can provide you with this winter, or for any fire safe accessories to compliment the tone of your home, get in touch with a member of our team at Fiveways Fires and Stoves by calling 0208 127 4747 or dropping us an email at where we will be happy to help.