5 ways a fireplace can benefit your interior design

Having a fireplace in your home can provide you with many benefits, from heating your home to increasing your energy efficiency, but there’s one particular up-side to them that you should know about! A fireplace can do wonders for the style of your room, providing interior design that you can’t resist. Keep reading to find out some of the design perks of installing a fire in your space.

Focal point

A fireplace is often the focal point in a room, with a grand surround and those flickering flames. Having a focal point is so important – without it the space can feel disjointed and empty. Having a feature that the eye is drawn to ties the décor together. Whether you choose a wood burning stove or a gas fire, a rustic or minimalistic style, a fireplace is the star of the show.

Consistent design

If your home embraces a time period – Victorian stain glass windows, for example – a fireplace to match this will make sure your home’s design runs seamlessly. In the past we’ve spoken about creating your own period fireplaces, and you can also follow this for a modern, minimal design. Having a consistent style in your home creates a seamless flow throughout the property, and a fireplace that ties in with this will have guests thinking you’re a professional interior designer!

Colours and textures

Colours and textures can be essential if you’re re-decorating your space with style in mind. If your design is minimal, textures can add depth and dynamics to your space. You can achieve these textures through the style of your fireplace – if you have a fluffy carpet, a shiny metallic or a wooden surround can contrast this nicely. Similarly, the orange glow of your fire will add a warmth to the colours of your room. A fire works in tandem with any decoration you have, creating a cosy space.

Design trends

If you like to keep up with interior trends in your home, you can install a fireplace to stay up to date. For example, a recent trend is to place one as a room divider. Open plan living is a preference for many, but to add a little bit of privacy it’s possible to split the room up with a fireplace. This can create a different vibe between rooms, meaning it’s easier to have contrasting designs in the space.

Embracing hygge

Hygge may sound intimidating, but really, it’s just the Danish way of telling you to embrace the small comforts, encouraging you to experience the feeling of simplicity. We all know how easy it is to become overwhelmed by the world we live in, but by having a relaxing evening in front of the fire, you’re experiencing hygge without even knowing it. Country living even lists a fireplace as a way to introduce hygge into your life for self-care and relaxation.

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