Gather around your fireplace this Christmas

As Christmas crawls closer, so does the time where families are brought together, and the festive activities can begin. For many people, those festivities and family celebrations happen around a fireplace, whether this is in a living room or the dining room. One thing is for sure, and that’s that a fireplace tends to draw people around it. Here are five ways that you could utilise your fireplace this Christmas season…

1. Decorate your fireplace and mantlepiece

Decorating for Christmas is often a family affair, and sometimes friends even come together and celebrate the upcoming season by decorating. A fireplace and mantlepiece serve brilliant opportunities to decorate, with so much space to adorn with Christmas bells and garlands. You could bring family and friends together and decorate by:


Stocking fillers are part of the magic of Christmas. All the little things we never think we need but then come in handy throughout the year are nestled within a comforting Christmas bundle, and the best thing is, they look brilliant. Hanging up your stockings will add sophisticated style as well as excitement.

Garlands and wreaths

Draping garlands and wreaths over the fireplace and the surround is a great way of adding nature to the inside of your home whilst embracing the festive spirit. They are a low maintenance way of decorating, as they require minimal effort! Just ensure that you stay safe with these decorations close to your fireplace.

Christmas-themed items

A fireplace surround or mantlepiece offers ample surface opportunity to create a Christmas scene or place the festive nativity on the shelf. This could be a collection of reindeers, winter plants wrapped in fairy lights or any other Christmas decorations that won’t fit on your tree! Tailoring your mantlepiece to the festive season is a must-do activity with friends and family.

2. Watch Christmas films

The wide variety of Christmas films is undoubtedly one of the best things about the holiday period. There aren’t many feelings better than being curled on the sofa with a warm drink, watching a festive film on the TV. Being near a cosy fireplace just makes it better. Some of the classic Christmas movies that are highly rated, such as It’s a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street deserve to be watched beside the comfort of a fireplace!

3. Complete Christmas traditions

If you have small children or siblings, you’ll have to indulge the tradition of leaving out gifts for the infamous Santa Claus! As everybody knows, Santa Claus comes into your home through the chimney, so leaving his treats by the fireplace only makes sense. In this regard, fireplaces play a big part in many families’ Christmas traditions.

4. The ritual of opening presents

On Christmas morning, the weather is likely to be crisp, cold, and chilly. What better solution than to gather around the fireplace? Opening your Christmas presents in front of a roaring fire will offer some much-needed warmth, as well as a calming cosy feeling. Gathering the whole family around the fireplace also encourages a sense of community that Christmas is so renowned for.

5. Play evening games and activities

It’s tradition in many families of a Christmas evening to have an evening of games and celebrations. Whether this is charades, card games, or more Christmas celebrations, having these activities happen around a fire will help you feel warm and sated after a festive feast and a tiring day of fun!

A fireplace is a very popular way of bringing people together, especially during the Christmas period. They are increasingly sought after in homes, with many people looking to invest in wood burning stoves, electric fireplaces, and gas fireplaces. If you’re thinking about installing a fireplace so that your next Christmas can be even more improved, come to Fiveways Fires & Stoves. We are available on 0208 127 4747 or via email on .