No chimney? No worries!

Do you find yourself going to friends’ houses and spying their fireplaces in envy? Maybe the magazines you read have been boasting them, teasing you. Many homeowners dream of having a fireplace, and those that inherit one are often disappointed when they find them unusable. Without an existing fireplace or with one that’s boarded up, a chimney is out of the question. So, what are your options without one? We’re here to tell you!

Decorative feature

Here’s the situation: you’ve moved into a new home and inherited a fireplace – the joy has kept you awake in an excited frenzy! Until you realise… it’s bricked up. The heartbreak! Not to worry though, there are plenty of ways to decorate your fireplace so that it doesn’t look empty, especially in spring and summer.

Placing a large ornament in the middle of your fireplace can transform it into a striking statement piece. You could use the open fireplace space as a bookshelf and stack up those novels you’ve been meaning to read, or store your board games! Even putting tealights or a candelabra where the fire would be will make your fireplace glow and twinkle. Please be safety aware, though!

For those without any kind of fireplace, there are some keen DIY-ers who have created a faux lookalike, made out of fake brickwork or wooden panels. These can look very convincing, and we’d love to see your results if you try it!

Electric fires

You’re in luck, electric fires can be used without a chimney or a gas supply! You can reap all the benefits of a fireplace without the hassle of cleaning or worrying yourself with hefty logs. These fireplaces can be installed on any wall – all it needs is to be connected to your electricity – meaning it can be fitted in any room you like, no matter how small!

A lot of the time, electric fires allow you to turn on the image of flames without letting out heat, so these fires can be perfect all year round – even during the summer. Many people prefer this option to the alternative wood burning stove!

Gas fires

Installing a gas fire in your home is a simple process. All you need is ventilation leading onto an exterior wall and your fitters can connect your fireplace up to the pipes. These fireplaces can be more cost-efficient, as they’re able to heat an entire room for less money than an electric fire, potentially saving you money on your energy bills!

Although gas fires restrict where you can put a fireplace as they must lead onto an exterior wall, they are unsurprisingly a lot of people’s first choice and can be perfect for you if you find yourself without a chimney!

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