Can you mount a TV above your fireplace? Let’s find out

Are you thinking of giving your living room a refurbish? In cases where the room may be a bit smaller, or it makes sense for the layout to have your TV above a fireplace, you may be wondering if this is optimal? The rising heat from your fireplace could have an impact on your TV – but is this a problem and are there ways to protect your TV so that you can design your room in the way that you would like? Let’s find out…

Can you mount a TV above a fireplace?

It is possible to mount a TV over your fireplace, you’ll be glad to hear! This could mean that your intended design isn’t sacrificed, and your room can function as you would like it to. Something you must take care to do, however, is protect your TV from the rising heat, by redirecting it when it comes out of the fireplace. Your television must be at least 12-20 inches away from the fireplace, which will protect it from any residual heat. With an electric fireplace there is a little more flexibility, as they tend to give off less heat – you can ensure your TV is at least 8 inches away. There are a couple of ways that you can protect your TV:

  • Option 1. Build an alcove for your TV

    One way to ensure that your TV isn’t impacted by any heat coming from your fireplace is to build an alcove. This will set back your TV into the wall, nestling it away from the line of heat. This is helpful if you have a subtle, contemporary design for your fireplace and you don’t want your room encumbered by a mantelpiece. Setting it back into the wall will allow the heat to rise upwards without the danger of it impacting the functionality of your TV, and could also make a design statement.

  • Option 2. Include a mantel in your fireplace

    An alternative option is to include a mantel in the design of your fireplace. This is placed above the fireplace and comes out from the wall, which helps to redirect the hot air flow from the fireplace into the rest of the room. Therefore, the heat doesn’t travel straight upwards, ensuring that your TV on the wall above the fireplace won’t be damaged by the heat source. A mantel can also contribute to the design you create in your living room, such as using materials like wood or marble.

What kind of mantel can you include?

Mantels come in different varieties, and you can either include a mantel surround or simply opt for a shelf. A surround could help you achieve a more rustic, traditional look, whereas a mantel shelf can contribute to a contemporary look, with a sleeker finish. These can have different impacts on the design of your space, as well as protecting your TV.

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