Decorating your fireplace this spring [A safe guide]

With the winter months coming to an end, there is no need to leave your fireplace to become a dormant dust collector. It has the ability to remain a statement focal point within your home all year round – not just during winter! Interpret some creativity and style and give yours a seasonal decoration, allowing it to remain the rightful showstopper within your home.


When it comes to decorating your fireplace, there are always safety precautions that you should consider. You may think that throughout the warmer months, mantelpiece décor is less restrictive than that at Christmas time due to the fire being put out for months on end, but when it comes to such risk, it is better to be safe than sorry as one small accident could result in your fire being lit or switched on and lead to catastrophic results.

Now, with the safety reminder out of the way, lets move onto the décor ideas!

Create a centrepiece

One option you can explore when decorating your fireplace this season is the creation of a centrepiece. This is something that will remain the focal point and can be accompanied with additional decorations to complement its style. From a singular large family photograph to a mirror, by opting to display a decorative object in the centre of your mantel, you will be laying the base for a stylish yet simplistic spring fireplace design.

Experiment with colour palettes

Accessorising a grey fireplace with grey additions could easily result in your decorative fireplace becoming camouflaged and lost within the room. Use contrasting or bright spring-themed colours, such as white jugs filled with seasonal yellow daffodils, ensuring that your spring décor stands confidently whilst adding an element of decorative depth to your room!

Bring the outside in

Spring is a season of new beginnings for outdoor life. New plants form and our gardens spring back to their prime, so why not take the opportunity to echo this fresh spout of nature inside your home. With safety in mind, we would suggest avoiding any hanging shrubbery as we want to keep the firebox and its surrounds clear. However, topiary plants, bonsai trees or jugs of daffodils and tulips are an elegant way to spruce up your fireplace appropriately for spring, and if plant care just isn’t your thing, you can always opt for the plastic kind – we won’t tell!

Add some dimension

Stacking your décor in a simple line can often result in a cluttered looking mantle. Utilise the depth available and play around, pushing the taller decorative objects backwards whilst moving the smaller as far forward as they can safely go. You also have the option to utilise any safe floorspace around the sides of your hearth, adding height to your spring display.

For advice on the safety of your spring décor, or for any other enquiries in relation to your property’s fireplace, get in touch with a member of our helpful Fiveways Fires and Stoves team we will be delighted to offer our expert assistance in any way we can. Call us on 0208 127 4747 or emailing us at .