Decorating your fireplace this Christmas [A safe guide]

Throughout the year, your fireplace has the ability to act as an attractive statement piece within your home, whether it is being utilised or not. During winter, it can bring the family together into a bubble of cosiness that allows you to shut off the bitterly cold outdoors, but throughout the Christmas period, it has the capability to warm every heart with highly anticipated festive joy, from the countdown to Santa’s chimney appearance, to the mantlepiece décor you choose to display.

Decorating your fireplace for the festive period is a simple task, but is yet one which many don’t consider the safety aspects of. This brings us to our first pointer…


We are sure that you are aware of this fact, but the word ‘fireplace’ signals that the area you are about to decorate, contains fire. This means that any flammable materials, such as tinsel or wreaths, should not be hung anywhere close to the naked flames of your log burner, or heated surface and sockets of your gas fire. However, if you bought that stunningly festive holly wreath in the January sales this year, have waited all 10 months to bring it out, and have now seen fear in the fact that you are unable to utilise it as you wished, there are ways around it that keep you, your family and your home safe.

Fireguards will act to prevent anything nearing the flames, and fitted wooden beams and surrounds often remain at a distance far enough to allow a small and simple lining of a pine garland – so long as it is heavily secured! The last resort, if these options don’t seem suitable for your home, is to simply brave the chill and keep your fire off for the entirety of the festive season… Nope, we didn’t think that option would be ideal either! To stay as safe as possible this Christmas, we simply advise searching for a new location to hang your highly-anticipated Christmas wreath that won’t be toying with danger, and that goes for hanging your stockings too!

Now, with the standard safety lecture complete, lets move onto the decorative ideas!

Select your theme

Following a theme at Christmas is something which can add an element of style and sophistication to your home’s decorations. From red and gold, to blue and silver, consider choosing garlands, wreaths, candle holders and other decorative ornaments that complement each other, steering your home away from the common view of ‘tacky’ décor.

Spell the joy

Decorations can become cluttered, so why not keep it simple this year. By buying a selection of festively coloured and glittered lettering from your local Christmas store or garden centre, you can spell out those words commonly associated with Christmas, from Joy and Noel, to Deck the Halls. Complement these with a simple scattering of tea light candles and a glow from your fireplace itself and you will have yourself some very merry decorations.

Add a homemade touch

Let’s face it, Christmas is a holiday for the kids, so why not let them get involved with the decorations. With handmade Christmas cards, or the classic paperchains, your fireplace surrounds can capture the excitement from a child’s point of view and display it in a way that will differ year upon year (it just may not be as stylish as you were hoping!)

Leave a little treat…

As we all know, the big man himself will be making an appearance on the night of the 24th, so why not let the children leave him a little treat. A small, hand decorated plate with mapped out locations for Santa’s milk (or anything stronger, if that’s what he would like!), his mince pie and Rudolph’s carrot can be placed at the corner of the fireplace to add that loving, heartfelt touch that will bring new levels of excitement when bedtime comes and the plate can finally be filled.

If you are unsure of how to safely decorate your fireplace this festive season, get in touch with a member of our Fiveways Fires and Stoves team by calling 0208 127 4747, or emailing  .