The benefits of a wood burner for your home

With the new year fast approaching, many homeowners are beginning to consider a change for their properties, such as the installation or upgrade of a fireplace. With so many to choose from, each with their own benefits, narrowing your choice down to one can often be difficult, so we are here to help you. Today, we will be discussing the benefits that a wood burning stove can have for your home.

What is a wood burner?

A wood burner is a stove constructed from either metal, cast iron or steel, and generates heat by burning real wooden logs within its secure firebox, closed off by a clear glass door. Recently rising up the popularity ladder, wood burners must be connected to a chimney or flue to ensure that all fumes and gases are drawn away from the home.

So, what are the benefits of having a wood burning stove installed within your home?

Heat output

Possibly the highest-ranking feature desired from a fireplace is its heat output. Wood burners come in a variety of sizes, each with their own level of heat output, so you have the ability to choose the perfect one for your home dependent on the size of the room you are looking to heat, as well as the space you have available for the stove itself. From the smallest option, the level of heat output is powerful and extremely impressive, heating a room quickly and effectively.

Energy efficiency

Wood burners allow you to cut back on your energy bills with natural wood comparing much cheaper to the costs required to light a gas or electric fire. As a comparison guide, utilising your wood burner for one hour, compared to utilising your gas fire for the same length of time will work out at around one fifth of the cost.


As quite possibly the other determining feature of your fireplace, the attraction to style ranks extremely high with a wood burner. The stove itself will become the main focal feature of the room, adding charm and character with its allure heightened further once the fire is lit and the warm glow begins to beam through the glass door.


Without even trying, wood burners are able to create a warm, homely ambience which encourages the family to gather in one room, getting snug under the warmth emitted from the stove together and creating a warm winter vibe which is often longed for.

Family fun

With the stove requiring wooden fuel, often found within your local woods or parks, it can become simple to create a daytime activity that involves all of the family to collect the required materials from fallen trees before getting cosy together in the evening, thanks to the wood collected throughout the day.


The modern world of technology has formed us into characters which rely heavily upon electricity. However, this is not the way of the wood burner. Winter weather can often bring power trips or complete power cuts, occasionally lasting a long period of time, but with a wood burner, you can be sure to say roasty and toasty, no matter how long you are without electricity for.

If you are looking to install a fireplace within your home and require further information or an expert opinion on which could be the best option for your home, then get in touch with a member of our Fiveways Fires and Stoves team by calling 0208 127 4747 or emailing us at and we will be happy to help.