Signs your fireplace needs replacing

When it comes to determining whether your fireplace needs replacing, it’s always best to consult an expert for a professional assessment and certainly before commencing any major works. However, there are some general signs that indicate if you’re ready for new one:

  1. Damaged or deteriorating structure: Examine the fireplace for cracks, crumbling mortar, or any signs of structural damage. If the bricks or stones are loose or falling apart it’s likely the fireplace needs replacing.
  2. Poor performance: If you’re experiencing issues with smoke entering the room, difficulty lighting a fire, or inefficient heating, this could indicate a problem with the fireplace’s design or functionality. An expert can evaluate if the fire is working properly and recommend remedial steps, or suggest a new one, as necessary.
  3. Outdated design or style: Over time, like all aspects of interior design, fireplace designs and styles change, and some begin to look dated. If your 1970s fireplace doesn’t match your modern home’s aesthetics, you may want to consider replacing it with a more visually appealing option.
  4. Safety concerns: Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to fireplaces. If you notice signs of excessive creosote buildup, a damaged chimney, or a compromised flue liner, these issues could pose serious risks. In such cases, it’s crucial to stop using it and consider replacing the fireplace as soon as possible.
  5. Energy inefficiency: older fireplaces may lack proper insulation or have poor energy efficiency, resulting in heat loss and increased energy bills. If your fireplace is old and you’re looking for a more efficient heating solution, it might be time to consider replacement options.
  6. I really, really want a new one! Refurbishing a room or following the latest interior design trends is a good enough reason for us too. If you can afford it, why not treat yourself. Nothing says luxury better than a stunning new fireplace as the centrepiece of your home.

Remember, these are general guidelines, and it’s crucial to get a thorough evaluation before ripping your old fireplace out. We can assess your specific fireplace, consider your needs and preferences, and help with tailored recommendations regarding repair or a replacement to suit your budget. Plus, we offer a fully guaranteed installation service… and can remove the old one with minimal mess.

With an extensive range of fireplaces permanently on display at our New Eltham showroom we look forward to showing you all the latest models and helping you find your perfect replacement.

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