Servicing and maintenance: get organised early

It may not quite be springtime yet, or the weather may not be warming up as quickly as we would like, but spring and summer are just around the corner. The days are getting longer and the clocks change this month, signalling the new season. As we move into April, now is the time to start thinking about servicing and cleaning, before we forget all about our fireplaces until it is time to light them again in the autumn. Get your maintenance and servicing done now and you need not think about it again for a few months. Let’s take a look at what this entails for the various fireplaces out there.

Gas fires

Just as with your boiler, your gas fires should be serviced annually as well. As the gas burns in your stove it will release small airborne particles which will find their way into the ignition and various other components and begin to build up. The components and pipes will also experience wear and tear over time making a regular check and service a necessity if you want to keep it working safely and for a longer time. Make sure it is done by a Gas Registered engineer for full peace of mind.

Wood- and multifuel-burning stoves and fires

While cleaning the grate is something you can do yourself, and which you no doubt do regularly to prevent a build-up of ash, cleaning and inspecting the chimney and flue are jobs best done by a professional. With the particularly harsh winter we have had this year, you have probably used your open fireplace or wood- and multifuel-burning stove heavily over the last few months, making it even more important to get a professional check and clean.

The sorts of things that they will look out for include:

  • The positioning of the lintel. This will ideally be at least 12 inches high and is important because it supports your chimney.
  • The bricks. They will be checking for any cracks or degradation of the mortar which are structurally important for your chimney.
  • The damper and whether its position is correct for safety and efficient burning – which will in turn lead to energy efficiency.
  • They will inspect the external chimney areas, looking for possible obstructions and wear. They may advise you to get any tree branches that are overhanging the chimney trimmed back to avoid them falling into the chimney or cause damage externally.
  • They will check whether or not you have a chimney cap. This is important to help keep animals, debris, and water out of your chimney.


If you are a Fiveways Fires & Stoves customer, look out for the annual reminder coming through your door in the coming weeks. If you are not an existing customer but are after professional advice and assistance for your annual fireplace, stove, or chimney maintenance, we can still help. Get in touch with us by phone on 020 8127 4747 or email at and we will give you a free, no-obligation quote.