Why now is the right time to invest in a new fireplace

It may seem counter-intuitive to think about installing a fire just as the warm weather arrives, but there are some very good reasons to think hard about your heating options long before you actually need them.

With the rise of the off-grid movement and interior design styles like hygge and industrial country, the range of wood burning stoves available is wider than ever before. And with equally beautiful stove and fireplace options available for gas and electricity, deciding on a new fireplace has never been more enjoyable – or more time-consuming.

The importance of fitting

Depending on the decision you finally make and whether you choose to go off grid with a wood burner, or opt for controllable, clean heat with a gas or electric fireplace, you must have your new stove professionally fitted. At Fiveways Fires & Stoves, we’re HETAS and Gas Safe registered to ensure your installation is carried out to the highest possible safety standards. You’ll benefit from our expertise throughout the process from initial site survey through to the final installation.

Getting this process right is important both for safety and aesthetics, making spring and summer an ideal time to undertake work of this kind. Start now and you’ll ensure that your installation is complete long before the winter chill starts to bite.

Save energy, add value

There are two more very good reasons why having your new fireplace installed in the spring and summer makes sense. First, if the weather does take a turn for the worse and you’re left shivering on a summer’s day, then a quick blast of heat from your newly installed fire is far more economical than turning the heating system on. And when the cold days finally arrive, you’ll still save on your energy bills by turning your thermostat down a few degrees and enjoying the warmth of your fire.

Finally, a fire or wood burner is always a savvy investment, adding thousands more to the value of your property than the costs of the initial installation.

If adding all the benefits of a beautiful fireplace to your home is something you’re seriously considering, then please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and arrange an initial survey.

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