Modern or traditional fireplaces – what to choose?

Now that the cold weather has given way to spring – and, in turn, to summer soon – has the time come to stop thinking about our fireplaces and stoves? Not at all! In fact, now is exactly the time to be thinking about annual maintenance. This month, though, we focus on something more exciting – the choice many homeowners make at this time of year when they decide to renovate and add in a new fireplace in their home.

With the warm weather comes the opportunity to get work done around the home that you couldn’t do as easily in the depths of winter. Replacing or installing a new fireplace or stove is one such task. But with an endless variety of options, what do you choose? Let’s explore the benefits of traditional versus modern fireplaces to help make that decision a little easier.

Traditional fireplaces and stoves

A traditional fireplace design is ideal if your home or taste are anything like the following:

  • A more traditionally designed home both inside and out.
  • You prefer a log fire rather than an electric one.
  • You prefer the traditional design but don’t have much space for logs, in which case you can opt for a gas fire. Its design can give you that traditional look and still be compact enough to fit your space. Plus, you won’t have to find a spot to store logs.
  • You like the more traditional brick, iron or stone designs that give the fireplace that old-fashioned feel.
  • You have a traditionally designed home but live in an urban area that restricts the burning of certain types of fuel. In this case, a wood-burning stove could be an excellent choice. It offers the more conventional feel of a fireplace and its technology allows you to burn wood rather than the smokeless fuel you would otherwise need to use.

Modern fireplaces and stoves

If traditional is just not you, then a more contemporary design may suit you if:

  • Your home is newer and more modern with a contemporary feel both inside and out.
  • You are open to a variety of fuels, including wood, gas, or electric.
  • Your space is restricted. A modern fireplace can be placed higher up a wall – almost like a work of art – giving you the fireplace you want without compromising on space.
  • You live in an urban area where there are restrictions on the type of fuel you can burn. An enclosed stove can offer you the look and feel you want without compromising on local air quality.
  • You want a wider choice of materials and colours for your surround and mantelpiece – including materials such as coloured glass or metal.

Best of both worlds?

If you simply can’t decide or your home marries up a traditional design with a contemporary look, then you still have options. Designs that have a modern surround and glass front but which also include neatly stacked logs giving you the impression of a traditional fireplace but with a contemporary functionality could be an option.

If you feel overwhelmed by the options and choice available talk to one of our Fiveways Fires & Stoves qualified experts who can talk you through them and help you make the right choice. Simply call us on 020 8127 4747 or drop us a line at  and we can go from there.