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Flueless fireplaces are a wonderful way to enhance the look of your room, adding value to your property in addition to providing a valuable source of heat using an energy-efficient process. Our modern flueless fireplaces in the UK require no flue system or chimney and are simple to use. Install is easy with our beautiful open flame fireplaces.

Our safe models use filters and other technology to burn cleanly and evenly with minimal emissions vented from the fire. An outside air vent that comes from inside the room is a requirement for install. There are many variations on how the fireplaces are fit into the wall, whether you want a traditional surround or more contemporary, like a wall mount.

For every flueless gas fire there is a minimum room space for its installation; the larger the fireplace’s kw rating, the larger the room has to be. For a room less than 100m3, we recommend the 2.7kw flueless fireplace, whereas a larger room would benefit from the 3.5kw option. The appliances are not typically meant for basements or bathrooms and are intended for use as a secondary heat source.

For your flueless fireplace to operate at its best, we recommend a quality installation and annual servicing from Fiveways Fires & Stoves. Call us today for a free consultation or to get answers to your inquiries about flueless gas fires.

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