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Gothic Fireplaces

If your home has a traditional feel, or you live in a period property, adding or restoring a gothic fireplace to its position in the heart of your home may be on your wishlist. The Gothic-era fireplace consisted of a pair of jambs, a four-centred arch, a lintel and a mantel shelf – largely reminiscent of a fireplace that we would recognise today.

The gothic style can apply to both cast-iron inserts as well as full stone fireplace surrounds, and with the fine craftsmanship and materials available – it becomes a matter of personal choice from the many and varied designs available.

Type of Fireplaces

However, before the installation of Gothic fireplace you need to decide the type of fireplace for you. Do you prefer using an electric, gas or wood burning fire place? Whichever type you decide, we can help!

Gas Fireplaces

This type of fireplace is most familiar to more households in the UK. Both easy to maintain and operate, gas fireplaces are one of the top choices for fireplaces in the UK. A ‘real’ flame design will create the Gothic feel you are looking for in your home, with none of the effort required to maintain a wood burning fire.

Electric Fireplaces

An electric fireplace is a perfect fit for smaller rooms, and an electric fireplace ‘tray’ can be inserted into a Gothic fireplace surround – offering the ease of electric heating as well as the style you are looking for in your home.

Wood-burning Fireplaces

If you prefer to have a wood-burning fireplace, a flue or chimney is required, however, if you do not have a chimney there are a multitude of ways we can help to install a wood burning stove safely – we are happy to visit your home and discuss the options with you. Full Gothic surrounds in marble, wood or cast iron are available to complete the gothic look.

There may be many possibilities when it comes to de deciding to install a traditional fireplace, and you should also consider the importance of on going care to keep your fireplace both functional and safe.

Caring for your fireplace

Undertaking light but regular maintenance is advised to ensure your fireplace is working at maximum efficiency and looking it’s best. For wood-burning fireplaces, it is essential to always clean the ash piled up at the bottom of the grate before lighting another fire. When we install your fireplace, we will advise you of how to operate your new fireplace safely.

It is important to ensure a professional fireplace cleaner visits at least once each year, more if the fire is lit throughout the year. This will also allow for the chimney to be inspected, and any maintenance to be completed. We offer an after care service as part of our fireplace installation service, and will write to remind you when your chimney sweep is due so you can arrange a convenient time for us to visits.

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