The benefits of a gas fire for your home

Choosing to install a new fireplace into your home can spark a handful of questions and queries. “Which one is right for our property?”, “how safe are they?”, “which one is most energy-efficient?” and “can it be made to match our home décor?” are a few of those we hear most frequently. Having already walked you through the benefits of wood burners and electric fires in this series, you may have already come to a conclusion about the fireplace best suited to your property, but we are still left with gas fireplaces, so allow us to introduce you to their own benefits before you set your decision in stone.


Unlike wood burners and stoves, gas fires are turned on by a simple flick of a switch, heating the room almost instantly. They are accompanied by a thermostat and portable remote control, allowing you to control the heat levels within the fireplace from whilst relaxing with your feet up. You could even set a timer to switch the flames off completely in case you accidentally doze off, keeping you and your household safe.


When it comes to a household with young, inquisitive children and beloved, curious pets, gas fires could be a safer option for your home. With no wood burning or any open flames, there will be no need to worry about your family inhaling any toxic fumes or causing harm to themselves or your home with real, burning flames.

No chimney, no problem

Much like electric fireplaces, gas fires don’t emit any harmful smokes or fumes which need to be safely extracted from your property, and therefore don’t require placement within a chimney. This allows you the freedom to place your fireplace in whichever room you like, from dining rooms to bedrooms and even basement spaces.

Less maintenance

Unlike wood burners and stoves, gas fires don’t require logs to be purchased, chopped or stacked. With a simple press of a button, your fireplace can roar to life, warming your room in an instant. And what’s more is once you switch your fireplace off, there will be no need to clean your surrounds of soot and ash, leaving your home tidy and your heating effortless.

Cost efficient

You may find that your family spend the majority of their time in the kitchen, dining room or maybe even attic conversion. No matter the location, gas fires can be fixed by a professional in any room and with the simple press of a button, the space could be flooded with warmth – a cost efficient factor which allows you to lower or completely switch off the heating throughout the rest of the home, avoiding spending your pounds to heat rooms which remain unused.

If you are looking for more information on gas fires and to seek a professional opinion on how it could work for your property, get in touch with our Fiveways Fires and Stoves team by calling 0208 127 4747 or emailing us at and we will be happy to help.