A fireplace in a small room: Is it possible?

A fireplace is often one of the most sought after features of a home, and if there is an existing fireplace in a home, it could even sell quicker. If you don’t have a fireplace, you might be thinking of all the ways you could integrate one into your home. However, if you’re in a smaller space, you might be wondering how this is possible… A fireplace in a small living room or home isn’t impossible though, and there are definitely ways that you can benefit from one without making your space seem even smaller. What are these methods? Let’s find out.

Consider the placement of your fireplace

The placement of your fireplace in a living room can have a massive impact on how small or crowded the space can feel. There are ways to ensure the room still feels spacious. You could consider:

  • A corner fireplace

    A fireplace in the corner room is an excellent way of saving space. The corners of your room are often unused anyway, and a fireplace could be a really efficient way of gaining the aesthetic and heating benefits you’re looking for, without losing much floor space. It’s also a more unique way of presenting your fireplace, and could lend itself well to a quirky home design.

  • A wall mounted fireplace

    A wall mounted fireplace, whether this is a gas or electric fireplace, is a surefire way of saving floorspace. Mounted on one of your walls, or even within your walls, this type of fireplace will ensure that you don’t lose any floor space. This is excellent for the living rooms that are extremely tiny, as you can reap the benefits of a beautiful fireplace whilst still having room to play with.

Consider the type of fireplace

Typically, wood burning stoves have a history of being able to be more compact. They are available in varying sizes, meaning you could find a gorgeous wood burning stove that is just the right size for your smaller room. A compact wood burning stove will allow you to heat the room, all while not overpowering the space with its size.

Consider the design of your fireplace

There are many ways to design a room including a fireplace so that it doesn’t seem overpowering, and the room is maintained as a spacious environment. There’s no reason you should have to sacrifice a fireplace just because your space is smaller!

  • Play with colours

    Darker colours can often make a space feel smaller, so leaning towards light colours could be the route for you. If you want to really make sure your fireplace doesn’t infringe on your space, you could paint it the same colour as the wall behind it. This will make it blend in slightly, but still give you the beautiful feature.

  • Use it for displays

    Fireplaces often come equipped with a mantlepiece. You can easily use this space to display more items, such as trinkets or a mirror. This will mean that you don’t have to include another table or surface in your room, saving floor space and still allowing you to decorate the space as you would wish.

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