Will a fireplace add value to your home?

Fireplaces – an interior luxury and undoubtably one of the main focal points within your home. Your guests and visitors will endlessly compliment the elegant look and stylistic feel that it radiates… but did you know that it could also be adding to the value of your property and increasing its chances of selling?

The real deal

For centuries, original fireplaces were classed as the centerpiece within each home, but in more recent years, they have become dismissed. New builds or homeowners that are redesigning an older build remove the fireplace and either replace it with a shinier, modern looking imitation or remove it altogether. Since this has happened to a large variety of homes within the UK, it has resulted in people missing the original ambiance that a fireplace will bring to your home, complementing its character and tying it together with that highly sought-after ‘homely’ feel. If buyers are lucky enough to find a stunning home, fitted with the original fireplace which heats the home naturally whilst creating a statement feel, it has been statistically proven that they will be open to increasing their offer to accommodate this long-standing, hard to come by, original feature.

Modern fireplaces

It may be that you are living in one of the aforementioned homes and no longer are in possession of the original fireplace, or any at all. However, it has also been proven that, as the idea of a fireplace is longed for highly within a buyers list of requests nowadays, the purchase of a modern, newer fireplace can act as a strong enough replica, pleasing them enough to pay more for the property. Besides, wood burning fireplaces are no longer the only type that homeowners desire to own. Over time, electric and gas fires have become strong contenders due to their ease of use, safety and budget-friendly burning. With a variety of looks and designs available for these, they are easy to purchase if your home doesn’t accommodate one already.

Making it hotter

No matter what type of fireplace you have within your home, whether it be an original wood burner or a modern gas fire, there are ways in which to spark it back to life, enhancing its stunning features once more and catching those much needed eyes throughout the selling process. By using your fireplace tools, such as the mini brush and pan, you can remove loose ash and dust from the sides and bottom of your fireplace. You can also use a homemade solution of warm water and a small amount of washing up liquid, vinegar or bleach in a spray bottle. By spraying this mixture onto a paper towel or cloth which you don’t mind disposing after, you can wipe over the interior and exterior of your fireplace, removing any stains or marks that have been left by soot and revealing the intricate design work once more.

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