Making your fireplace eco-friendly [how-to guide]

Making your fireplace as eco-friendly as it can be is a great step towards making your home as efficient as possible. Fireplaces can sometimes have the reputation of not being optimal for the environment, but there are steps you can take towards making yours environmentally friendly. Follow on for some tips on how to decrease your fireplace’s carbon footprint, as well as to explore which type of fireplace could be the best for you.

Increase the flow of oxygen

Encouraging the flow of oxygen will not only increase the height of your flames, but will produce good ventilation. A lack of ventilation is what can lead to harmful by-products being produced, with dark, harmful smoke coming out of your fire. Increasing the oxygen flow will decrease this possibility.

Burn good quality wood

It’s important to burn wood that is good quality. The optimal wood to burn will have been left for around two years, ensuring that it is thoroughly dried out. The wood must not have been treated with harmful chemicals such as paint or resin, as burning these can lead to higher emissions.

Don’t use paper on the fire

People often use paper to start their cosy fire of an evening. It’s understandable – it makes the process a little bit easier. However, burning paper can lead to higher emissions, especially if using something like newspaper, as the ink can release harmful chemicals into the air.

Buy local wood

Buying the wood for your wood burning stove locally is a great way of increasingly how eco-friendly you are in your fireplace use. The transportation of wood across different areas causes fossil fuels to be used unnecessarily if buying local wood is an available option.

Keep the chimney breast clean

Keeping the chimney breast clean will avoid a build up of ash and dirt from your fires. Burning another fire when these contaminants are still present can cause the production of fumes that can be harmful to our environment, so ensure your cleaning schedule includes the fire!

Invest in an electric fireplace

An electric fireplace is one of the best options for your environmental conscience. Although it doesn’t produce a real flame, the imitation is just as good, and it is 100% efficient. No fumes are produced due to not burning any wood, and no fossil fuels are used during its use.

Invest in a gas fireplace

A gas fireplace is much more energy efficient than a wood burning stove due to the decreased amount of fuel needed to run it. It is also more energy efficient due to the decreased fumes that are produced as a result. Gas fireplaces are cost effective and produce the same results as a wood burning stove would for your home.

If you have been weighing up the options between a wood burning stove, a gas fireplace, and an electric fireplace, there are so many benefits to consider. Finding an eco-friendly fireplace could be something you add onto your list of requirements. For more advice regarding which fireplace to pick for your home, come to our team at Fiveways Fires & Stoves. Call us on 0208 127 4747 or email  to discuss your fireplaces wishes with our team.