5 spooky ways to decorate your fireplace for Halloween

That time of year has rolled around again… The season of spooky decorations and harrowing trick or treaters is upon us, and we think it’s time to get in the spirit of the occasion. What better way than to decorate your fireplace? There is so much that can be done with a fireplace, from placing decorations on top of it, around it or even inside of it. Embrace the scary feel of the season and see how you could enhance your fireplace…

Carve your pumpkins

Pumpkin carving, for many, is the most exciting part of Halloween. Some people even go so far as to have competitions between friends and family, showcasing their artistic skill! Have fun carving your pumpkins in the scariest way that you can and put them in pride of place by your fireplace. Putting a small tealight inside can add even more to the spooky air, and the flickering candle is sure to complement your roaring fire on a winter night!

Decorate with subtle candles

If you prefer a sophisticated style to the flashy decorations that are sometimes presented during the time of Halloween, the simplicity of candles could be what you need. These could be real or fake, but the accumulation of candles either inside your fireplace or sprinkled along the mantlepiece will make your home into a twinkling haven. The dim flickering light will surely be enough to get you in the mood to watch a scary movie or two! If you use real candles, ensure you practice fire safety.

Concoct an autumnal wreath

One of the best things about Halloween and the autumnal season is the colours of the crisp leaves. Colours of caramel, orange, and rust all come together to make autumn a very aesthetic season. Why not lean into this and make your own autumnal wreath? This is also something you can keep up beyond Halloween and into the winter months. Hanging a wreath from your fireplace’s surround is sure to remind you that Halloween is approaching.

Reuse household items

Halloween doesn’t always have to be about buying the best decorations. This is also an opportunity to put your creativity to the test, practicing some arts and crafts in your spare time. If you have any spare jars, try painting them to give them a dark apothecary theme. You could dry out some flowers and put them in the jars, as well as use pinecones and natural colours to decorate your fireplace. This could also be something fun to do with the family.

Embrace the spider webs

Unfortunately, with autumn comes the season of spiders. This results in their webs being everywhere, and no matter how much we clean, they still seem to appear! Why not take inspiration, and replace these real cobwebs with some fake ones on a grander scale. You could have spider webs spanning from the surround of your fireplace all the way to the bottom, ensuring that the Halloween decorations are in full force.

Decorating your fireplace is something that can enhance the décor in your home, and tailoring it to each season and holiday is something that can make you feel more connected to the outside world. If you’re interested in getting a new fireplace, whether this is a gas, electric, or wood burning stove, get in touch with our team at Fiveways Fires & Stoves. We can help you through the process, advising you on the best option for your home and installing it seamlessly! Give us a call on 0208 127 4747 or email .