Choosing the best surround for your home

When considering what kind of fireplace to have within your home, the type of burner is not the only thing to think about. A surround has a massive impact on the style of your fireplace and property! With different materials available from timber to marble, these will have different effects on the aesthetic of your property and what will suit your chosen fireplace.

If you’re wondering which surround will help your fireplace pop, boasting proudly in the centre of your room, have a look over these different options and their benefits:


Timber is a great option for those looking to adopt a natural style in their home. With an earthy aesthetic, there are different types of timber available from oak to cherry. These can lend a different vibe to your home. There is also versatility with wood, as it can be painted or re-finished if you decide to re-decorate later down the line. Wood is a beautiful feature for your room and can warm up the décor. Paired with your roaring fire, the surround will create a cosy ambience in your home!


Limestone is a durable material that many homeowners opt for. Providing your room with a high-quality feel, it’s trustworthy to have in your home. With a neutral colour palette, limestone can make your home ooze elegance. It will also suit any textures you have already in the room due to its subtle beauty. If you’re looking for a bespoke option, limestone is the choice for you. This material can be carved into any shape, meaning your fire can be supported by a surround of your own design!


Marble is recognised as one of the most gorgeous materials to have within your home. A durable construction material, it could even outlast your property! Featuring marble in your home can elevate it to the next level – if you have marble already in your space (your kitchen for example) carrying it into your fireplace can make your property look even more inviting. What’s more, marble could be good for the value of your house – homes of luxurious style are always sought after…


Granite is a unique material and it commands a room. As it is a natural stone, no two granite fireplace surrounds will be the same – your home will appear heads and shoulders above everyone else’s. Granite is also available in a wide variety of colours and shades, which can set the design standard for the rest of your property. As the focal point of your home, your fireplace should attract attention and the various colours you can choose from allows you to express your creativity.

Cast iron

A cast iron surround is a definite statement piece in your home. Normally in properties that have an antique design style, cast iron surrounds have been used as a durable material for years. It’s easy to create a beautiful period fireplace with cast iron, taking inspiration from Victorian to Edwardian eras. Cast iron is available in intricate patterns or plain, smooth iron. It can be accompanied by ceramic tiles or granite to enhance the décor further, and is a wise investment for your home.

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